maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

I'm coming home

Now it's time to go again.. We're already at the Düsseldorf airport at gate B27 waiting for our flight that leaves at 8:20 am german time.. The mood is good and although we feel tired, we remain cheerful.
Yesterday we had a lot to do so we didn't have time to write here. We are going to make a bigger update on the blog once we get back home, though. 

With love from Germany,
Marika, Elina, Kati, Sanna and Mikko

lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

25.10. Samstag

We started the day with a good breakfast at Finca and continued to beautiful Villa Hügel, the house of Krupp -family. After that we headed to the centre of Essen, where we had a chance to go shopping and oh we did, mostly in huge Primark! After shopping we all went bowling together. Some of us, including me and my host, bowled only for an hour while some of the group continued bowling. Because we didn't have to go home yet, we decided to do shopping a little bit more! After that we came home and played with xbox and wathed tv with parents!

It has been a really fun and active day, but most of the pictures are in my camera, but here's a few pictures that I took with my phone!

Gute Nacht!


perjantai 24. lokakuuta 2014

Donnerstag und Freitag

Us in front of the Königsallee in Düsseldorf

On Thurday morning we finally arrived at Düsseldorf airport. Our hosts were there waiting for us. After arrival we drove with a train to central Düsseldorf and went sightseeing. We also ate Currywurst, which is a typical food in the Ruhr district. 
Donnerstag Morgen kamm wir endlich am Düsseldorfer Flughaven. Unsere Gästgeber warteten da auf uns. Danach fuhren wir mit dem Zug in das Zentrum Düsseldorfs und besichtigten die Stadt. Wir aßen sogar Currywurst, welches ein typisches Essen im Ruhrgebiet ist.
Today we had school. We were in classes of social studies, religion and English. Everyone went to class with their hosts.
Heute hatten wir Schule. Wir waren in Sozialwissenschaften, Religion und Englisch Kursen. Alle ging mit seinen Partner in den Unterricht.

With love from Germany,
Marika und Hanna

School day in Gymnasium-Essen Ûberuhr on Friday

To day we were in the Gymnasium-Essen Ûberuhr. The day was very nice and I liked the most English and Physic lessons. School was very big and students had a lot of. We ate also very good pizzas and played finnish music the whole in school. This day was very funny and interesting!!! :)

 - Sanna

torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

30 minutes till liftoff

Sanna and Mikko are feeling cheerful. 
(Starting from the left) Marika, Elina and Kati waiting for the plane to board
Now we're at the airport. Actually, we've been here since 3 am. Now, after check-in and security check we are at gate 27, looking at our plane which is currently being boarded with luggage. This is getting more and more exciting!
With love from Finland (soon from Germany), 
The whole group


At the moment we're on the way to Helsinki... Everybody's quiet... I think I'd better take a nap now, tomorrow (today to be exact) will be an exciting day!!

tiistai 7. lokakuuta 2014

Everything that's been going on lately

 We had a lottery at school to support our trip fund. Here is a picture of our group handing out the prizes to the lucky winners.
We also skyped with our German hosts. We talked about the trip and its program. Now we have heard each other's voices and the trip is starting to feel a lot more real.

With love from Finland,
Siiri, Taru, Minna, Kati, Elina and Marika (with a little assistance from Kaisa, our teacher)